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News: also under Windows XP, Windows XP 64 Bit, Vista, Vista 64 Bit, Windows 7, Windows 7 64 Bit.
What is "Autodetektor"?

Autodetector is a modern professional software, the newest conditions for the vehicle search and a product of the company Profiler3D, who is admits for the safety and Internettools.
The software makes it for you possible to search with the prominent autostock exchanges of Europe:
Passenger car, Commercial Vehicle and motorcycles at
Passenger car, Commercial Vehicle and motorcycles at
Passenger car at

Since the input masks are different at and, we have separated order mechanism for a precise search: this makes it for you possible, the really precise search for vehicles.
The software was conceived in such a way that the operation intuitively effected and even untrained users can use the program without additional explanation.
The program looks for new announcements over the sales of the cars in the Internet and if an announcement is found, you will be informed acoustically, optically and/or by E-Mail (notification by SMS are follows). IMPORTANTLY!!!:After the installation before the first program start please read the Help to the program.
We was make the software without the optical attractions and adapted the program for the needs of the professional car dealers
The outstanding features are
        1. Very fast professional search
        2. Very easy and comfortably, as with original stock exchange menu.
        3. Unlimited number of searched several vehicles at the same time.
        4. Clear and clear expenditure for result.
        5. Maximum power with notification by SMS.
        6. Direct call over IP-Phone (Skype, Phoner, TAPI, VoIP)
        7. Logging of the search procedure, so that you can call all vehicles up ever found.
        8. Very careful power absorption of the PC.
        9. No cheap product, only the best quality.

Where and how do I get the program?
Visit our Download- or Price Side.


Autodetektor     Скрапбукинг Ольга Ипатова