After downloading the Program, unpack and install it. A new Symbol is going to appear on your Desktop:


Automatic Update

Every six hours the Program checks for a new Version. If an new Version available, the Program automatically starts the update. Although the Update window is opened automatically, you must permit the progress.

Everything else happens automatically. You will be requested to close the Autodetektor. After the update is done, you have to restart the program.

Program lunch

After the Program start, the input fields are going to be updated. That process could take a minute, it depends from your internet connection. If problems appear and not all of the fields going to open you will get an info. We recommend the question "Do you want to try it again?" answered with "yes". After the Initialization is complete you will have to verify your version. If you using the 10-days test program, your lunch code is "demo". If you bought the program license, you will get your personal lunch code from us. To avoid typing errors, you will have to input the code twice. After the Identification is successfully completed, your code will be saved. If your PC/LAPTOP possesses several user accounts, be warned that all of the program settings (including your Password) will be saved separately for each user. The other user has no access to the other user vehicles. The lunch code is the same for all user of this PCs/Laptops.

If you use an Proxy / Socket Server, you have the Possibility to enter your Entrance data manually. Otherwise it will be determined automatically.

If during the Program execution your internet access is suddenly disconnected for more then six hours, the program will be closed. A reference will appear telling you that your license is invalid/run off. As soon as you are able to go online again you have restart the program. It is a technical procedure, depends on the program sequence and the Announcing procedure.

After the verification procedure is complete, two Dialogue windows will be initialized those you can use to administer your search. This procedure can take several minutes depending from your internet connection. You can speed up this procedure by jump over it. Dialogue windows will be initialized before the first call. Check "SETTINGS / Notification furnish", for more info.

After the successful first registration we are recommend to furnish the notification as the first.

The first steps

Program menu

New order - Create a new search order (at or Autoscout24, ).
Edit - edit an (selected) search order.
Delete - Delete the selected search order.
Settings - change the program settings and notification.
Empty announcement - To clear the preview window from the vehicles. Those articles that have been found, will stay in your archive. The last 100 you can find under "Show found"

You can view all of the assignment functions by pressing the right mouse button.

Search order create / edit / delete

New search order

Click oh the "New order" and chose or Autoscout24. A dialogue window will be opend.

Type in what you looking for in the input fields and click  on "Save".
The control box on the order list is now active. To stop an search order, deactivate the control box lefts from the search order.

Edit search order

Click twice on the marked search order or select the search order and click on "Edit".
After finished changing your desired settings just click on "Save".


All vehicles that have been found will be shown on the preview window. Where the vehicle should pop up you can determine for yourself, at the beginning or at the end of the preview window. To go into details you can click on the picture or just pick on the link.
Under Settings you can determine whether for each found vehicle a info. window is opened.

This window will be closed automatically after 10 seconds. In order to look at the details of the vehicle, please click on the text.
"Archives" - open a list with all vehicles, which found you with the program.
"Show Found" - the list shows last 100 found vehicles.

You can select vehicles. Click on the window with the right mouse button or press <F3>.


Call the Vehicle offerers directly

If on its PC/laptop an IP - Phone is installed (like e.g. Skype), can you directly call the vehicle offerer.

In order to make a call, please click on the telephone number on the yellow background (see image above).

Settings / Notification furnish

"Play sound" - Play a sound, if a vehicle is found.
"Show in a TIP - windows"
- Show an Info window.
"Animate TIP window" - The tip window lets appear from bottom to top.
"Insert new vehicles into the preview window" - A new vehicle inserts at beginning or at the end of the preview window.
If a vehicle at the end of the preview window is inserted, no obligation picture run.
"Send Message to" - as soon as a vehicle is found, the program sends a E-Mail to the entered E-Mail address.
"Flat buttons in the order settings" - changes for opinion of the order dialogue.
"Initialize order dialoque at the start" - Fills all dialog fields with values. Since the values from the Internet are determined, it could take some minutes after Internet entrance in the case of current orders. It is recommended to activate this control small box.
"Empty List of the found vehicles " - Empties the internal list all found vehicles. Afterwards vehicles, which already found you, are indicated once again, if not removed from the data base of
"Empty Archives" - deletes all vehicles stored in archives. Note!!!: Restore is not possible.


Long-time search

If the search is in the process, you can hide the program window, in that you click on the symbol .
The program is then put down into the Try and keeps running in the background. Thus main memory and GDI resources are released to approx. 18 MB, which are necessary for the graphic Representation.
The memory requirement is with approx. 140 KB per a vehicle indicated in the preview window and approx. 1,5 MB per a current order.

If you liked to open or terminate it, click with the right mouse button on the animated symbol.
With the double-click the program will be opens.










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